Welcome to Canada Pork International

Welcome to Canada Pork International, Canada’s pork meat exports champion. Canada Pork International is an organization that reunites Canadian pork exporters, provincial institutions and service organizations to promote Canadian pork in a variety of international markets. Together we develop new opportunities in existing and new markets for Canadian pork products aiming to serve clients, importers, end-users and consumers abroad.

We encourage you to explore this website and take full advantage of the information available. Please feel at liberty to contact us. We will do our best to serve your enquiries on the Canadian pork industry.

Pork Safety in Canada

Pork Safety in Canada - A Cut Above

This award-winning video covers various aspects of pork production, explaining the systems that contribute to the safety of Canadian pork. Production from the farm to the processing facility is highlighted and includes interviews with local pork producers and production managers.

Pork Quality in Canada

Pork Quality in Canada - Inside The Cut

"Inside the Cut" is a video covering various aspects of Canadian pork meat quality. The five key attributes that determine the performance of the meat are: meat color, fat color, marbling, firmness and water holding capacity. End-users require high quality pork versatile to the production of different products and cuts from one primal cut.

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